Fear of the Dentist

Are you willing to have a dental treatment but lack the courage to do it?

Fear of the Dentist

  • When you feel pain, do you take an aspirin and delay the problem?
  • Do you sweat, exhale nervously, and feel your heart beat faster when you think about scheduling a dental appointment?
  • Are you afraid of the dentist?
  • Do you imagine the nerve-racking sound of the dental drill?
  • Do you think the dentist will hurt you while you desperately scream in the chair? Do you imagine it like this?

Please read our article and think again.

Five good reasons to lose your fear of the dentist.

  1. The first advantage is having teeth. Imagine well-treated, beautiful teeth and the benefits you would get from this. Have you thought about how uneasy you feel when trying to chew your favourite foods? Have you imagined yourself smiling or trying to speak without teeth? Did you know that tooth decay negatively influences your body? If you think about the downside of losing teeth, you will find that the advantages of going to the dentist outweigh your fear.
  2. The kindness of the dentist is becoming an increasingly current topic. Health professionals are trained and educated to provide friendly service. Thus, the patient is addressed kindly and the treatments are painless.
  3. Comfortable dental offices. Our clinics are aesthetically pleasant and comfortable. You may listen to our office music to relax while having your dental treatment. Moreover, the medical and auxiliary staff are trained to welcome you with courtesy and kindness. Who would not like to be well treated? Our staff’s kindness will increase your confidence and well-being.
  4. Anaesthesia – Various types of local anaesthesia are used to prevent the feeling of any pain. Fortunately, long gone are the days where anaesthesia was scarcely used. Today, the treatments are painless.
  5. Please remember that dental treatments can make all the difference in your physical and psychological health with unbelievable effects on your self-esteem.

Tips for Going to the Dentist

  • Schedule your appointment for that same day or the following day. The less time you have to wait for the appointment, the less you will think about it and the less anxiety you will have.
  • Make sure your schedule is free before the appointment. Lack of time or rushing things will create anxiety, aggravating your initial fears.
  • Always clear up any doubts regarding the treatments. Ask your dentist to explain them in detail. If you no longer have doubts about the treatment steps, your confidence will be improved. Clarifying everything will significantly decrease anxiety. If you know what is going to happen, how can you be anxious?
  • Make sure the dentist knows you are afraid, so that he/she can help you by adjusting the treatment. Face your fear by being honest about it. This is the best way to overcome the fear.
  • Please remember that someday, you may be able to laugh about this lost fear.
  • Although clinics may have music playing in the background, you can also take your MP3 with your favourite songs to relax during the treatment.

Most people overcome their fear when the treatment is over. The painless procedures and its benefits will contribute to successfully overcome fear of the dentist.